17 Terrific Flavors. From the classic ones you know and love to some bold, new varieties, we make each tub a flavorful experience.


You’re anything but vanilla, but you still enjoy the classics. Our hummus is full of chickpeas, a touch of tahini and a whole lot of tradition.


Simple? No. Standard? Nay. You like your hummus’s taste and flavors to be complex – like you. And that’s what we bring to the table.


When everyone zigs, you zag. So when everyone else dips their buffalo wings in ranch dressing, we’ve got a tub of Ranch Hummus just for you.


You like it hot. Maybe just a little. Maybe a lot. Either way, our fiery flavors will surely spice things up for your taste buds –and your real buds, too


You’re getting verrrry hungry. For hummus. A flavor-packed, swirlicious hummus.


If you’ve ever uttered the words “but is it organic?” at a Sunday brunch, do we have a hummus for you.