Q: What exactly is hummus?

A: It’s delicious! But, we all know that. Back to the question. Originating in the Mediterranean region, hummus is a blend of pureed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, oil, and spices. Traditionally, it’s enjoyed as a dish with pita bread. But today, hummus is appreciated as an any-occasion dip with pita bread, crackers or veggies. A healthy, flavorful spread for sandwiches. It’s even used in a variety of delicious recipes – so, you see, hummus is truly a perfect food! Check out tribehummus.com/hummus-recipes for amazing inspiration. - Stephanie

Q: What makes Tribe different?

A: Delectable hummus. Made with love and chickpeas. We’ve always believed that if chickpeas are treated to just the right amount of love and care they become something extraordinary. Our Expert Matchmakers introduce our pampered chickpeas to the perfect mix of vibrant ingredients. Only the best and nothing more. And our pampered chickpeas return the favor in exceptional flavor. Visit us on Facebook.com/TribeHummus for all the details! - Stephanie

Q: What are the health benefits of Tribe hummus?

A: The main ingredient in Tribe hummus is the small, but mighty, chickpea. It’s protein-rich, fiber-filled and rich in folate and iron. All Tribe Hummus products are crafted with the finest quality ingredients. Tribe Hummus is also free of cholesterol, trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, dairy, and high-fructose corn syrup. Oh, and it's vegan-friendly and kosher-certified. Of course, when you start with only perfect ingredients, you end up with something pretty perfect. Which means Tribe hummus is made for people who are health-minded or cholesterol-watching, and taste loving. (You know who you are.) Not to mention, chickpeas play deliciously well with other good-for-you treats. Pita, veggies, and crackers. (Whole grain, of course.) Our Organic Tribe is USDA-certified organic hummus. Now, not to get on a “high health spiel,” but there are some things our mighty little chickpeas do for your body you might really appreciate. They’re a source of soluble and insoluble fiber. They pack a mighty punch of protein, iron, copper, vitamin B6, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese. Important nutrients for overall health. The tahini (made from ground sesame seeds) in our hummus has a healthy shot of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese. Phytosterols—a compound found in our hummus—are believed to help lower cholesterol. Tribe hummus also has healthful, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which can help lower the risk of heart disease, if used in the place of saturated fat, by reducing total cholesterol and LDL "bad" cholesterol. You can feel the love. As well as taste it! - Vered

Q: How many hummus flavors do you offer?

A: Our Chief Chickpea Innovator thought you’d never ask! Tribe offers an exciting array of 19 delicious varieties. Classic, Organic Classic, Sweet Roasted Red Pepper, Organic Sweet Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Organic Roasted Garlic, Mediterranean Style, Forty Spices, Zesty Spice & Garlic, Sundried Tomato & Basil, Spicy Red Pepper, Spicy Chipotle, Zesty Lemon, Roasted Vegetable, Roasted Eggplant, Cracked Chili Peppers, Mediterranean Olive, and Extra Smooth (perfect for spreading). And our Chief Chickpea Innovator is always working overtime. To create the unusual. The tantalizing. Our Limited Batch Flavors are made to keep hummus interesting and fun. Like our latest. “Everything.” Your favorite bagel flavor rolled into hummus. - Stephanie

Q: Where can I buy Tribe Hummus? In what sizes?

A: Our hummus is sold in deli and produce departments of stores in the United States and Canada. We offer Tribe products at retailers in 8 oz. and family size (16 oz.) containers, and also single serve hummus and crackers, and 2 oz. single-serve Tastes of Love. Tribe Hummus is also sold in 35 oz. containers at clubs stores. The Tribe Hummus Party Tray features 3 hummus flavors: Classic, Roasted Garlic, and Sweet Roasted Red Peppers. Tribe also sells single serve Hummus & Crackers in Classic, Roasted Garlic, and Sweet Roasted Red Pepper flavors, and a 4-pack in Classic and Roasted Garlic flavors. To find Tribe Hummus near you, enter your zip code on our store locator page (tribehummus.com/store-locator-search). - Stephanie

Q: What can I do if my local store doesn’t carry it?

A: Ask your store manager to sell Tribe. Tell ‘em no pampered chickpeas, no good. Even easier, contact us at 1.800.8.HUMMUS or info@tribehummus.com. We’ll email or snail mail you a store manager request form. Or tell us your address, flavors you want, and neighborhood store names and addresses, we’ll ask our sales manager in your area to reach out to them. - Vered

Q: How long can you eat Tribe Hummus? Where is the Use by Date? Need to be refrigerated?

A: Like all good things, our hummus doesn't last forever. It’s crafted with the finest ingredients, so Tribe Hummus is at its freshest, vibrant best when enjoyed by the “Use by Date” (on the top of the lid). It also shouldn't be left out, unrefrigerated, for more than 2 hours. Actually, even fully-sealed and refrigerated containers should be consumed by the expiration date. The sensory experience just isn’t the same as the flavor changes with time. For the most delectable experience, please finish it within 7 days once opened. As if it wouldn't be gobbled up within a day?? - Vered

Q: Can hummus be frozen?

A: Can love be cold-hearted? Never. So please don’t freeze our hummus. It can get watery when it thaws. (Who wants wishy-washy love?) Also pampered chickpeas need to be refrigerated. And enjoyed by the "Use by" date. - Vered

Q: Does Tribe hummus contain MSG?

A: Absolutely not. MSG offends our chickpeas. And probably you too! - Vered

Q: Is Tribe kosher? Vegan-friendly? Casein free?

A: Tribe Hummus is kosher certified through the Orthodox Union (OU; oukosher.org). Look for the kosher symbol on our label just under the hummus flavor. Tribe Hummus is pareve, meaning it contains no meat or dairy ingredients or derivatives. - Stephanie

Q: Is Tribe hummus gluten free?

A: Tribe Hummus loves many things – gluten though, is not one of them. That’s why our hummus does not contain any gluten or wheat ingredients. Hummus is naturally a gluten-free food. We also test our products and assure you that they are indeed certified gluten-free - Stephanie

Q: Does Tribe Hummus contain allergens or nuts?

A: Relax. Our hummus does not contain any wheat, soy, fish, shellfish/crustaceans, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs or mustard. Tribe Hummus is crafted in a nut-free zone! So if you’re allergic to peanuts and/or tree nuts, it’s safe for you to enjoy all the Tribe Hummus you’d like. However, our hummus, like most hummus, does contain tahini, which is made from ground sesame seeds. Sometimes individuals are allergic to sesame seeds. - Stephanie

Q: How about GMO-free?

A: All of our hummus products are made with quality ingredients. Tribe’s organic line of hummus does not contain any GMO ingredients. Our regular hummus is mostly GMO free, but does contain GMO canola oil. Tribe’s organic line of hummus does not contain any GMO ingredients. - Stephanie

Q: How can I keep in touch with Tribe Hummus?

A: Chickpea Connect. Get in on the latest from us. Just go to tribehummus.com/chickpea—connect/connect. Spread the word to your friends and family and talk it up on our Facebook page, facebook.com/TribeHummus. “Like” our Facebook page and we’ll love you back. facebook.com/TribeHummus. Visit our website: tribehummus.com and our Facebook page: facebook.com/TribeHummus regularly for the latest news about our products, promotions and all things chickpea. - Vered

Q: Why did you change your packaging? Have the recipes/ingredients for your hummus changed?

A: The Tribe Chickpea Keepers chatted with folks all over the U.S. We asked them what they thought would get more people enjoying our delicious hummus. The people spoke. We listened. We designed a more vibrant, modern package so you can spot your Tribe flavors more easily on the shelf. We hope you are as excited as we are. We’d love to hear your feedback. Our recipes haven’t changed a bit. After all, how can you improve upon chickpea perfection?!?!? - Stephanie

Q: Who is T.H. Chickpea?

A: T.H. Chickpea is our Tribe Hummus mascot. At Tribe, we pamper our chickpeas every day. T.H. Chickpea is so pampered that, he wants to pamper you in return! T.H. Chickpea will be popping up and sharing random acts of love in all kinds of surprising places. Spotting T.H. Chickpea is a sure sign of fun, with giveaways on the spot and even more to come through regular promotions and contests via Facebook and Twitter. - Stephanie