Tribe Original

Pampered chickpeas return the favor in exceptional flavor. Doting Matchmakers introduce them to the perfect mix of quality ingredients. Seasoned Spicers make sure every flavor has just the right amount of love in every bite.

  • Zesty Spice & Garlic

    Garlic is to a Seasoned Spicer what paintbrushes were to Picasso. An artful blend of flavorful spices, topped with garlic and a sprinkling of zesty spices, this masterpiece is savored by every hummus connoisseur.

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    Zesty Spice & Garlic

  • Classic Hummus

    The original match made in chickpea heaven. Pampered chickpeas tickled with tahini and kissed with a touch of garlic. The taste that launched a gazillion pita chips.

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    Classic Hummus

  • Spicy Red Pepper

    Red peppers and select spices work their magic, giving sizzle seekers a taste on the wild side. 

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    Spicy Red Pepper

  • Mediterranean Style

    Classic at the core but likes to shake things up just a little with a light drizzle of olive oil and a dusting of paprika over classic hummus. When not accompanying your favorite veggies, it basks on a warm sunny beach.

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    Mediterranean Style

  • Garlic

    Chickpeas and garlic were destined to be together. Roasting the garlic simply gives it more depth. A deeper love for your crudités.

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  • Sweet Roasted Red Peppers

    Chickpeas are positively sweet on red peppers. Especially these sun-ripened beauties. Roasted for added pizazz. And enticingly set off with a smattering of select spices. Matchmaker magic strikes again.

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    Sweet Roasted Red Peppers

  • Forty Spices

    Our Matchmakers set out to discover how many spices it would take for our chickpeas to achieve nirvana. Kinda like speed dating. This exotic blend puts our chickpeas over the edge. So tantalizing, it dances off the shelf.

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    Forty Spices

  • Mediterranean Olive

    Can’t make it to the Mediterranean? Then make like our chickpeas and dive into this hummus. Studded with flavorful green and black olives, it’s tastier than picking olives straight from the tree.  


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    Mediterranean Olive

  • Everything™ Hummus

    Who says you can’t have it all. Just like your favorite bagel, this hummus showers you with a wealth of riches. Sesames. Poppies. Onions. All that you love in one delectable bowl.

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    Everything™ Hummus

  • Lemon Rosemary Focaccia

    A delightful combination of bright citrus and fragrant rosemary, drizzled with a little olive oil.

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    Lemon Rosemary Focaccia

  • Limited Batch Ranch

    Hummus, meet Ranch. Ranch, meet Tribe Hummus. Our delicious and creamy Ranch flavored hummus will make any veggie want to dive in for a dip!

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    Limited Batch Ranch