17 Terrific Flavors. From the classic ones you know and love to some bold, new varieties, we make each tub a flavorful experience.


You’re anything but vanilla, but you still enjoy the classics. Our hummus is full of chickpeas, a touch of tahini and a whole lot of tradition.


Simple? No. Standard? Nay. You like your hummus’s taste and flavors to be complex – like you. And that’s what we bring to the table.


You like it hot. Maybe just a little. Maybe a lot. Either way, our fiery flavors will surely spice things up for your taste buds –and your real buds, too


You’re getting verrrry hungry. For hummus. A flavor-packed, swirlicious hummus.


If you’ve ever uttered the words “but is it organic?” at a Sunday brunch, do we have a hummus for you.


Ready for a new take on tasty? Meet our new sweet hummus. One part healthy, one part dessert. All delicious. None left.


It’s hummus the way you were already eating it, but packaged the way you’ve always wanted it. Perfectly portioned with pretzel crisps as a carry-on, your new on-the-go snack has arrived.